Nannies offer the flexibility and the unsociable hours that not all other childcare provider's can, making having a nanny more desirable to shift workers, or anyone who's schedule changes on a weekly basis.

Please start by reading the difference between our Employment Business and Recruitment Agency here. Nannies can be used through our Employment Business or The Recruitment Agency. When you sign up to use our services it's important that you understand which one you wish to use. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions prior to registering, registering is free and you are not at liberty to use our services. 




Life as a parent can get pretty hectic, and sometimes all you need is a little time to yourself. Sometimes it's not all about the children, parent's need to have fun too! Why not book one of our professional babysitters and have that night out you have been contemplating for a long time!

We offer a monthly subscription via our Recruitment Agency which gives you access to our registered babysitters, it's the Client's responsibility to pay the babysitter on the evening, please note, babysitters booked via our Recruitment Agency may not hold public liability insurance.

If you book via our employment business then our babysitters are insured to provide babysitting on any premises except for the caregivers home, this can be in your home, in a holiday apartment or hotel.

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Babysitter's come into your home occasionally on an evening and watch over and care for your children for short period's or time allowing you to go out and have that much needed break.


Babysitters can be hired via our Employment Business, babsitter's will be supplied, fully insured, and paid by AJF Childcare. See terms and conditions.

Alternatively you can book through our Recruitment Agency and we will engage for one or more of our registered babysitter's for the babysitter's to provide their services. You as the client is liable to pay the candidates and check for insurances etc. See terms and conditions. If you require a babysitter on a regular basis, we offer subscriptions which allow you to book babysitter's without paying an agency fee per booking, saving you money. View our subscriptions here.

Babysitters will work after 6pm, if the babysitter is required to stay late then you must ensure that they get home safe, ideally within a paid taxi if they do not drive. The client is required to offer the babysitter refreshments during the booking. 

Babysitter's supplied and sourced via AJF Childcare may not have any childcare qualifications however upon registering with us, we require the babysitter to have at least 2 years experience within caring for children with a minimum of 2 references. Babysitter's must also have a DBS check and be paediatric first aid trained. Some of our registered nannies also provide babysitting for our client's too. 

Hourly Rates

All figures below are gross pay 

  • Evening babysitter: £8.50 - £11.00 per hour

  • Emergency Babysitter: £11.50 per hour 

  • Wedding, Events & hotel babysitters: £9.50 - £11.00 per hour

The hourly rate may be increased for the hours extending beyond midnight and double rate may be charged for bank and public holidays. 

Rate expectations vary dependent upon the Candidates training, qualifications & experience.

We’re here to provide you with great services and help you find the best nannies and household staff for your family. Give us a call to learn more about our services.