Parent's Helper

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Let us help you find the childcare and support that is suited to your needs, maybe you are a first time parent and require professional support and guidance or would just appreciate a bit of help. A parents helper will spend the day day with you and your children and can assist you with your day to day errands or a trip to the park, swimming baths and other outing. This is a good solution if you need a bit of help and support while you still want to be the sole carer of your children and at home with to spend time with them. 

Parent's helpers are useful when you have a big family with young children or a baby on the way, offering you support with all the children, giving you time to focus your attention on multiple tasks,  getting some res and having one to on with your children.

A newly qualified child care practitioner or someone in training may suit your needs, this gives the child carers the growth, experience and confidence to work sole charge with young children.  

Other Information

Parent's helper's are often people training to become a childcare practitioner or nanny and looking for experience. Sometimes nannies take up the role of a parent's helper or newly qualified childcare practitioner looking to get into the nannying field and build on their nannying experience.

If you work from home or generally need hep with your children then a Parent's Helper may just be what your looking for, this role maybe ideal for someone who is still in training and has some spare time. 

Parent's helper's are usually live-out however sometimes do live-in.

Live-in Parent's Hepler's should be provided with their own private bedroom with a bed, wardrobe and TV and ideally a private bathroom and internet access. The Parent's Helper will be in charge of maintaining their own room and space. Full board shall be provided to any live-in staff. House rules are important when having live-in staff and must be made clear from the beginning. 

Some employers may offer separate accommodation such as a flat, annex or home on their estate. 

Parent's Helper salary expectation will greatly depend upon the Candidates training, qualifications, and experience. 

Typical Parent's helper Duties & Responsibility:

Typical duties maybe but not limited to the following:

  • Nursery duties including;

  • Physical and emotional care and support of the children

  • Providing nutritional and well balanced meals for the children taking into consideration any dietary requirement's

  • Cleaning and tidying of all the children areas such as the children's bedroom and playrooms and keeping communal areas clean or areas the children will be (exact duties to be agreed mutually)

  • Washing and ironing of the children's laundry and bedding and mending of clothes

  • Cleaning and tidying of any accommodation provided to the parent's helper

  • Planning, preparing and supervising of fun and engaging educational activities

  • Communicating with parents on a daily basis and keeping day to day diaries if required

  • Travelling with the children and the family, preparing and planning accordingly for any trips

  • Organise the children's school/nursery bags and sport kits

  • Light housework such as; vacuuming/sweeping, dusting, loading and unloading dishwasher and washing dishes

The exact duties of a parent's helper will be mutually agreed prior to the work commencing and stated within the contract.

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