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Nannies offer the flexibility and the unsociable hours that not all other childcare provider's can, making having a nanny more desirable to shift workers, or anyone who's schedule changes on a weekly basis.

Please start by reading the difference between our Employment Business and Recruitment Agency here. Nannies can be used through our Employment Business or The Recruitment Agency. When you sign up to use our services it's important that you understand which one you wish to use. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions prior to registering, registering is free and you are not at liberty to use our services. 


Mother and a Child



Our professional team of registered nannies and staff will come in to your home, holiday apartment or hotel to care of your children. We offer temporary nannies and ad -hoc care, you can book a daily nanny as and when you require the help. You can request the same nanny if available however we have a wonderful team of nannies who are all brilliant.

Our nannies will support your children with their educational needs and milestones as well as care and support. Nannies will generally provide light housework by mutual agreement and take care of the children's laundry. If in the event of an emergency or your usual care cancels, we may be able to send you out an emergency nanny to care for your children. 



One of our top priorities alongside the best service is to ensure we create the best matches between our nannies and clients according to each of their specific requests and requirements. After all a nanny is part of the family, so the fit has to be the best. If for any reason you feel your nanny isn't a good fit then we will try our hardest to get the right nanny for you, so you don't have to worry. If you require a permanent nanny then it has to be right, we take pride in the service we provide ensuring it is the best care. Employing somebody can be time consuming, so why not let us take the pressure from you and make your experience of having a nanny stress free and wonderful.

Having a permanent nanny while your children are young can help create a safe stable place for your children, giving your nanny the opportunity to bond with your children from a young age and allowing them to grow together to create a strong relationship, so when you return to work you can be sure to know that your children are safe with someone they are comfortable and familiar with.

Permanent nannies offer a stable support unit for your and children. 

Family Decorating Eggs



Are you and a friend or another family member both searching for a nanny? Maybe a nanny share is the ideal solution for you!

If we have 2 families that are both looking for the same requirements, then we can provide you with a nanny share.  A nanny share would provide childcare for children from 2 different families, and you both get to split the cost! This can be a great cost effective way to have a nanny and your children can have interaction with other children which is great especially if your child is an only child! Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone looking for a nanny as maybe by chance we will have another client who is also looking for similar requirements too! Get in touch to discuss you requirements, we are here to help and come up with the best solutions for your family!

Typical Nanny Duties:

  • Physical and emotional care and support of the children

  • Nursery duties

  • Providing nutritional and well balanced meals for the children taking into consideration any dietary requirement's

  • Cleaning and tidying of all the children areas such as the children's bedroom and playrooms and keeping communal areas clean or areas the children will be (exact duties to be agreed mutually)

  • Washing and ironing of the children's laundry and bedding and mending of clothes

  • Cleaning and tidying of any accommodation provided to the nanny

  • Planning, preparing and supervising of fun and engaging educational activities where age appropriate and supporting all of the children's developmental needs and milestones

  • Communicating with parents on a daily basis and keeping day to day diaries if required

  • Travelling with the children and the family, preparing and planning accordingly for any trips

  • Transporting children to and from school, nursery, playgroup and other activities and outings by foot, vehicle or public transport

  • Caring for the children when ill and appropriately administering medicine if necessary with the appropriate training to do so

  • Monitor school emails, organise the children's school/nursery bags and sport kits

The exact duties of a nanny will be mutually agreed prior to the work commencing and stated within the nannies contract.

A guide to Nanny training, qualifications and experiences​

Most common qualification  


CACHE Foundation Award in Caring for Children (CFCC)

A taster course giving an introduction to the type of knowledge and understanding required when working in childcare.

CACHE Level 2, Certificate in Childcare and Education (CCE)

A 1 years full time or 2 year part time course for students wanting to be child care assistants. Having gained the Certificate, stuents may enroll on to the CACHE Diploma in Child Care and Education or NVQ course.

CACHE Diploma in Childcare & Education (Previously NNEB - National Nursery Examination Board)


​This is the most recognised qualification. The course is full-time for two years and is often obtained with a college, this certidicate i equivallent to 2 A Levels.

The course includes studying health and first aid, the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and communication and play. Students also spend part of their studies in practical placements such as schools, nurseries, hospitals and private families. More recently, the NNEB has been replaced by CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare.

NVQ - National and Vocational Qualifications 

This is the latest recognised National Vocational Qualification where candidates are assessed on the student's capabilities in performing in work situations, where they are able to show their knowledge and understanding of the work concerned. This course is often achieved in childcare setting such as a nursery. The NVQ Level 3 is equivalent to the NNEB qualification.

Level 2,3,4 courses.

CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Child-minding Practice (CCP) 


This certificate develops the knowledge and skills for anyone working towards being a registered childminder. Developed with the National Childminding Association (NCMA)

BTEC Diploma in Nursery Nursing/

BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council)

A part-time course which is equivalent to two A-levels & NVQ level 3 and run on similar lines to the courses above however is more of an academic course.

The course places more emphasis on the academic work and includes modules for those interested in teaching, nursing, social work and childcare.

A provider of secondary school leaving qualifications and further education qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. BTEC qualifications, especially Level 3, are accepted by many universities, and suitable for working with children. 

MNT – Level 3 OCN Maternity Practitioner Award

This is a recognised qualification gives students the skills and knowledge they need to become a professional skilled maternity nurse. This course is accredited by the Open College Network (OCN).

Norland, Princess Christian and Chiltern Colleges

These are three private colleges. The courses are fulltime residential over a two year period. All students sit the NNEB Diploma, the Royal Society of Health Diploma (RSH) and the NVQ. Each college has its own nursery where students receive practical experience, as well as going out to local nurseries, schools and hospitals.

NAMCW Diploma - National Association of Maternal and Child Welfare Diploma

This course covers the care of children from birth to adolescence. The course including health, illnesses and special needs. The students also attend practical placements.


Common Core Skills and Knowledge Course for the Childcare Workforce 


This course is often taken by experienced nannies with no relevant childcare qualifications who wish to become an OFSTED registered nanny. 

The Common Core is aimed to ensure that all home carers meet a certain level of knowledge of caring for children which is recognised by OFSTED. 

Nanny Salary Expectations:

  • Full time live out Nanny £420 - £650+ gross per week 

  • Before and After School care (part time): £11.50 to £16.00 gross per hour

  • Full time Live in Nanny (plus bills and food): £380 - £550+ gross per week 

  • Daily Live out Nanny: £10.00 - £15.00 gross per hour

  • Temporary Nanny: from £10.50 gross per hour

  • Night Nanny: from £80.00 gross per 12 hour night 

  • Nanny Housekeeper: from £12 gross per hour

  • Full time salary is based upon the minimum hours of 40 hours+, typical Full Time hours of a nanny are 10 hours per day 8:00am - 6:00pm, 5 days a week

  • Live in Nannies typically work between 40 - 60 hours per week plus 1-2 evenings babysitting per month

  • A live in nanny may work a 24-hour shift or 5-6 day shifts for a higher salary.

Rate expectations vary dependent upon the Candidates training, qualifications & experience.

Salary expectations are in accordance with surveys and market research of the average nanny salaries within Yorkshire.

We’re here to provide you with great services and help you find the best nannies and household staff for your family. Give us a call to learn more about our services.