Nannies offer the flexibility and the unsociable hours that not all other childcare provider's can, making having a nanny more desirable to shift workers, or anyone who's schedule changes on a weekly basis.

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A housekeeper will come into your home and take care of your house for you. Taking care of things such as cleaning, laundry/ironing and even changing bed linen.

Depending on the size of your home, you can either have a few hours a week, a daily housekeeper or a full time housekeeper. Even though housekeepers won't be caring for your children, they are still vetted and DBS checked. 

We offer one off bookings and regular slots through our employment business.

Plus full time and part housekeepers for your to employ yourself through our Recruitment Agency.

Some Housekeepers will live-in, if this is at the request of the Client then a separate private furnished room with internet access and television must be provided and ideally a separate bathroom. 



Housekeepers can be live-in and live-out and their roles and responsibilities may vary within different households. Housekeepers are a great asset to a family home, helping organise, maintain and manage a busy or large family household. Housekeepers may take on managerial roles and managerial other household staff. Housekeepers may offer an all round service, from housekeeping duties, to a butler, gardening and even driving, plus other positions within a household. The salary must reflect all these responsibilities. 

A good housekeeper will have good communication skills and have a high attention to detail. 

Live-in housekeepers should be provided with their own bedroom with a bed, wardrobe and TV and ideally a private bathroom and internet access. The housekeeper will be in charge of maintaining their own room and space. Full board shall be provided to any live-in staff. House rules are important when having live-in staff and must be made clear from the beginning. 

Some employers may offer separate accommodation such as a flat, annex or home on their estate. 

Typical Housekeeper Duties and responsibilities


Typical duties maybe but not limited to the following:

  • To ensure a home is kept organised, clean and tidy

  • Maintaining a clean and sanitising all bathrooms, including toilets, baths/showers and basins

  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen area

  • Take care of the laundry, ironing, hand washing of clothes, putting away and organising of wardrobes

  • Changing of beds

  • Emptying and maintaining bins

  • Preparation and cooking of meals

  • Running errands and organising the home

  • Sweeping/vacuuming all floors and mopping hard floors and cleaning carpets

  • Pet care

  • Driving to do the shopping and run errands

  • Deal with the tradesmen that may come to the house and oversee their work

  • Dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures

  • Making beds and changing linens

  • Monitoring cleaning supplies and ordering stock when necessary

  • Reporting any necessary repairs or replacements

The exact duties of a housekeeper will be mutually agreed prior to the work commencing and stated within the nannies contract.

Housekeeper Salary Expectations and training

Housekeeper's may expect to achieve a salary of £7.00 - £14.00 gross per hour, rate expectations vary dependent upon the Candidates training, qualifications & experience.

Salary expectations for a housekeeper is difficult to accurately reflect as housekeepers come in many forms being, part time, full time, live-in and live-out. A housekeepers role may vary in terms of duties, some housekeepers will cook family meals and take on extra managerial roles and responsibilities. 


Some housekeeper's may hold the following qualifications: 

  • Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (Housekeeping)

  • Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality Industry Skills (Housekeeping)

  • Level 2 (NVQ) Diploma in Housekeeping

  • Level 3 Award in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Principles

We’re here to provide you with great services and help you find the best household staff for your family. Give us a call to learn more about our services and for more information regarding household staff.