Maternity Nurse

Support for parent's and newborn babies

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A  maternity nurse will offer support for expecting mothers, through the pregnancy and post natal.

Maternity nurse's are trained to support you during the first few months of your babies life. Often supporting you with things like breast feeding and bottle feeding, also ensuring the mother get's rest that she needs after childbirth. Not only is the maternity nurse there to support the baby however the health and well being of the mother is also very important. 

Maternity nurses can help guide and teach you the skills to carry out all duties related to the emotional and physical aspects of a newborn baby. Maternity nurses often help with the general care of the baby, bathing, feeding, and help around the home and even running errands. 

A maternity nurse will help support a mother and a father adjust to being a parents, giving them the confidence and the reassurance that they are doing a great job!

Typical Maternity Nurse Duties and other information:

  • A maternity nurse will be on hand to offer parent's the help, guidance and support offering their skills and professional knowledge to help parent's settle in with their babies, teaching parent's about the babies development's and teaching skills that will hep the parent's become confident within their own parenting skill, maternity nurses can also help other siblings adapt to their new baby sibling and promote positive feelings.

  • A maternity nurse will attend to the physical needs of the baby, such as feeding, changing, bathing, and keeping the babies room/nursery, equipment and changing area clean and tidy and taking care of the baby's laundry.

  • Maternity nurses will observe and advise mother's while breastfeeding where necessary.

  • Prepare feeding bottles, cleaning and sterilising the bottles and equipment and feeding the baby when needed day and night, and also working with the parent's to establish a good feeding and sleeping routine tailored to the babies needs.

  • Maternity nurses often work 24 hours, and so it is essential that you allow for the maternity nurse to have breaks for as little as an hour each time or one long break of 3 hours during the day, the maternity will need rest due to broken sleep in the night, to stay focused and alert for when the baby needs them.

  • Meals and refreshments are to be provided during the whole booking period, the maternity nurse is expected to cook their own meals and clean up after themselves, if eating with the family, the maternity nurse should offer to help cook the meal and help clean up after.

  • Accommodation will include a room for maternity nurse to sleep and rest in, the room may well be shared with the baby. The maternity nurse is responsible for keeping the room clean and tidy and any bathrooms they solely use.

The exact duties of a maternity nurse will be mutually agreed prior to the work commencing and stated within the the maternity nurses contract of services, the client and maternity nurse are responsible for sending a copy of the contract to AJF Childcare along with the agreed start date and end date. 

Maternity nurses are self employed and are responsible for their own insurance, tax and national insurance contributions and wil set our their own rates according to their experience and qualifications. 


Many maternity nurses from a nanny background do however choose to undertake maternity nurse courses and qualifications such as the MNT (maternity practitioner award) or NEST certificates.

Maternity nurses also come from a health visitor, nurse, or midwife background and have nursing or midwifery qualifications. 

Salary Guidance:

Maternity nurses work for up to 6 days and have one day off, also having 3 hours break during the day to get some rest. 

Maternity nurses will set their own fee's and are self employed, they will charge accordingly to their experience and training and are responsible for paying their own tax and national insurance contributions.

Maternity nurses will typically charge the following:

Experienced Maternity Nurse

Per 24 hours:

Single baby: £160 - £180
Twins: £190 - £250

Triplets: £240 - £300 

Junior Maternity Nurse Per 24 hours

Per 24 hours:

Single baby: £150 - £160

Twins: £170 - £180 

Triplets: £180 - £190 

Some maternity nurses may charge hourly instead or per 24 hours for daily and night maternity nurses

Daily maternity nurses often charging in the region of the following:

Single baby: £11.00 - £16.00 per hour
Twins: £15.00 - £19.00 per hour

Triplets: £20.00+ per hour

Night only Maternity Nurse may charge higher rates that daily

If you decide to book a maternity nurse then you may be required to pay a non-refundable deposit or half fees upfront. 

  • Daily Maternity nurses will be live-out and will work for up to 10-12 hours and will likely charge per hour

  • Night only maternity nurse maybe a live-in nanny however are usually live-out and work for up to 6 nights per week, usually working for around 10-12 hours per night. 

Both the above are good options if you do not have the space for a live-in maternity nurse. 

Maternity Nanny:


A maternity nanny will fulfill the same role as the maternity nurse; however they may have less experience a maternity nanny may be less experienced, in this case the maternity nanny should ensure they proactively learn the skills and knowledge to be able to answer any questions and provide advice when necessary.

Maternity nannies are a great choice for mothers who have older children and need help with them as well as the baby. The maternity nanny will be more of a help to the whole family but will require a break during the day if working with the baby and other children.

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