Agency Subscriptions & Private Job Advertisement's

Take a look at our Agency Subscriptions below. Subscriptions can save you money if you use our registered nannies and babysitters or other Candidate on a regular basis whether that may be weekly or monthly. 

If AJF Childcare places an Applicant introduced to the Client, then the Client must continue to make bookings through AJF Childcare, any attempts to bypass Agency Fees will lead to a surcharge as specified within the terms and conditions. 

The Client is responsible for paying the Candidate.

All bookings and communications between Applicants and Client must go through AJF Childcare. 

Read our full terms and conditions before subscribing. Terms & Conditions Apply

Without the subscriptions the following charges apply:

  • Temporary Placement Fee - Temporary  Nanny is £40.00 per week

  • Emergency Nanny Placement Fee - £20.00  per day 

  • Daily Nanny & Babysitting Bookings - £10.00  per booking

The prices are based on 1 per person/applicant placed.