Job Title: 

  • Sleep Practitioner


  • Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences (BSN)

  • Masters in Nursing


  • Registered Nurse (9 years)

  • Nurse Educator (2 Years)

  • Sleep Practitioner (4 Months)


  • Ad hoc 

  • Temporary 

  • Afternoons and evenings 



I am a Masters educated Nurse and Public Health Nurse and Certified Sleep Practitioner. I use all of my experience to support families like yours to get more sleep and build greater, connected relationships. My sleep support is grounded in assessing for your child's sensory, movement, security, and mental-health needs. We will create family-driven action plans to create daytime, night-time, and bedtime routines. I support all families and specialize in supporting Autistic/Neurodivergent kiddos and children with medical needs that need to be considered.