Wedding and Events Nannies & Babysitters

Nannies and babysitter's can be a great asset to any event. Offering supervision and care for your children during any special event. 

Please start by reading the difference between our Employment Business and Recruitment Agency here. Nannies can be used through our Employment Business or The Recruitment Agency. When you sign up to use our services it's important that you understand which one you wish to use. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions prior to registering, registering is free and you are not at liberty to use our services. 


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Are you planning an event?
Maybe a wedding, Party or Christening?
If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place! Here at AJF Childcare we provide care at events; you can book one nanny per family. You can have your nanny during the day and we also offer babysitting in hotels and apartments on an evening. Don’t worry about having to leave the party early! Our dedicated staff can sit in your hotel room to care for your little ones until you are ready put your feet up, you can enjoy your day in to the evening knowing your children are in safe hands and at arm’s reach! One babysitter can be booked per hotel room for the evening and one nanny can be booked per family to shadow you and help out through the busy day by occupying your children! We also haven’t forgotten about the older children and teenagers, we can offer a ‘nanny friend’ who can watch over them and hang out for the day!

More information:

Wedding and events nannies and babysitters can be hired via our Employment Business, nannies and babsitter's will be supplied, fully insured, and paid by AJF Childcare. See terms and conditions.

Alternatively you can book through our Recruitment Agency and we will engage for one or more of our registered nannies and babysitter's to provide their services. You as the client is liable to pay the candidates and check for insurances etc. See terms and conditions.

Nannies will shadow one family for the day, taking care of the children, the nannies will provide general nanny duties and supervise the children throughout the day and evening. The client is to provide the nanny with meals and refreshments for the day.

Babysitters will be sourced to babysit for a family at the event, babysitters will work after 6pm, if the babysitter is required to stay late then you must ensure that they get home safe, ideally within a paid taxi if they do not drive. The client is required to offer the babysitter refreshments as the babysitter will not be able to leave the room or accommodation while on duty.


One nanny or babysitter is to be booked per family.


Babysitter's supplied and sourced via AJF Childcare may not have any childcare qualifications however upon registering with us, we require the babysitter to have at least 2 years experience within caring for children with a minimum of 2 references. Babysitter's must also have a DBS check and be paediatric first aid trained. Some of our registered nannies also provide babysitting for our client's too. 

We’re here to provide you with great services, if you have an inquiry about booking or sourcing a nanny or babysitter for your event then please do get in touch and we can discuss your options.